Queen from the beginning of the 4th Dynasty, wife of Seneferu and mother of Khufu. She is mainly famous because of her tomb. This lies on the plateau of Giza, to the south of Khufu's processional way. The tomb was discovered in 1925. In it was found the burial equipment of the queen, consisting of an alabaster sarcophagus (without mummy), a canopic chest with the remains of the queen's internal organs, and several pieces of furniture, including a bed and headrest, a baldachin, a carrying-chair, two chairs, a chest for storing the curtains of the baldachin, a jewellery box, and vessels of copper and stone. The furniture was made of ebony, covered with gold and partly inlaid with faience. Almost everything was in a very poor state of preservation, but after restoration is now on show in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The excavators suspected that Hetepheres' original tomb was at Dahshour, and that she was reburied by Khufu in Giza. However, no tomb of hers has ever been found at Dahshour. Other scholars assume that the tomb at Giza was her original tomb and that the queen was later reburied under one of the subsidiary pyramids to the east of the Great Pyramid of Khufu, a tomb that was later robbed.