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Southernmost part of the extensive necropolis of Memphis, the most important part of which is Saqqara. There are five pyramids here, including two of Seneferu (4th Dynasty). The oldest is called the Bent Pyramid because of a change in the angle of the upper part, making it less steep. The other is called the Red Pyramid. The only pyramid larger than this one is that of Seneferu's son Khufu at Giza. The other pyramids at Dahshour date from the Middle Kingdom and belong to Amenemhat II, Senwosret III and Amenemhat III. The tomb of Amenemhat II is the only one with a stone core; the other two have mudbrick cores. Amenemhat III also had a pyramid in Hawwara; it is assumed that that was his actual tomb and that the pyramid in Dahshour was a cenotaph. Close by are the tombs of various princesses from the 12th Dynasty; many priceless pieces of gold jewellery have been found in them.