Stela of the priest Peteimouthes


The stela is rectangular, the sides are rough, due to slight damage. The scene is bordered by the hieroglyph of the sky (Gardiner N1) above, and a double base line filled in with a zigzag line below.
The priest Peteimouthes is depicted standing before the gods Khons the Child, Mut the Great and Anat. He holds an incense burner and pours water from a hes-vase into a bowl on a stand. He is dressed in a long pleated garment with fringes, sandals, and a skull cap. Around his neck is a necklace and on his left wrist is a bracelet.
Directly opposite him stands Khons the Child, wearing a short kilt with a belt to which a tail is attached. The juvenile side-lock is over his wig; on top of it is the hemhem-crown. In his left hand he holds the crook and the flail, in his right hand the ankh-sign. His necklace has only partly been executed by the sculptor.
Mut and Anat are both seated on thrones decorated with zigzag lines and placed on platforms. They are identically clad in dresses with herringbone patterns and shoulder bands, colliers and bracelets and they hold papyrus staffs in their left hands. Mut the Great wears a long wig with the vulture head dress and the Double Crown. She holds an ankh-sign in her right hand.
Anat's right hand is empty. She wears her typical, Atef-like feather crown.
Above the scene is one line of text, below it are four more lines and there are legenda to the figures. Underneath the last line of text there is an empty space.

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APM 7776



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50 cm


33.5 cm


8 cm


(1) Words to be spoken by the priest of the bull(?), the priests who go out(?), the writer of the temple of Anat, the Osiris Peteimouthes, born of Tadiu justified.

(2) O all scribes, all wab-priests, who all come from the cities and districts, may you stand beside this statue, may you commemorate his name,
(3) (gifted) with all good things, saying: Osiris Peteimouthes, may you take for yourself this cool water of yours, may you go out at the side of Osiris, may your legs walk freely
(4) over white stone, may you drink water from the current, may your soul go out at night, may your heart be divine (like?) Sokar-Osiris,
(5) may you enter at the side of the gods (at) the two goddesses of Truth, may you unite with the souls of the silent ones, may your heart be united with your body eternally.

(6) The Osiris Peteimouthes,
(7) born of Tadiu.

(8) Khons the Child, lord of the House of Anat.
(9) Mut the Great, mistresss of the House of Anat.
(10) Anat, mistress of the House of Anat.