Cobra goddess, whose name means 'the feeding snake' ('renen-utet'); the Greeks called her Thermuthis. Renenutet was a fertility goddess and protectress of the harvest; in the temple of Dendera, for example, she is called 'lady of the fields, who nourishes (us) with good things and gives an abundance of food'. One of her common epithets was 'lady of the granary'. Through her association with grain, she was linked with the corn god Nepri and with Osiris. The festival of Renenutet, an ancient harvest festival linked to the natural year, was regarded as Nepri's birthday. Possibly because of her role in the harvest (but then in connection with harvesting the raw materials for clothing), the goddess also had a function as protectress of clothing and mummy wrappings. Because of her snake form, from as early as the Old Kingdom she was a protectress of the king, as a uraeus related to Wadjet. Although she was worshipped everywhere, she was particularly popular in the Faiyum, where an annual festival in her honour was held. She also formed part of a triad there with Sobek and Horus. Renenutet was depicted as a snake or as a woman with the head of a snake.