Name of the protective goddess of Lower Egypt, represented in the form of a cobra. Her name means 'the green one'. As the symbol of the king's rule over Egypt, she appeared next to the vulture Nekhbet on his headdress (see uraeus). She was also considered to be the crown of Lower Egypt. Through the myths concerning the eye of the sky god, she was connected with the solar eye as the daughter of Re, and with the Eye of Horus. Wadjet had of course close relationships with other snakes, such as the goddess Renenutet who could also act as the uraeus and protectress of the king. The goddess was also sometimes thought to be a lioness. As a result Nefertem, actually the son of the lioness Sakhmet, could also be called her son. The cat goddess Bastet was also linked with Wadjet. Wadjet was worshipped in Buto (Greek for 'Per Wadjet', 'House of Wadjet') in the northwestern Delta, where the twin cities Pe and Dep together formed the capital of Lower Egypt.