Area on the west bank of the Nile, between Armant and Esna, about 30 km south of Thebes. The Arabic name ('the two hills') refers to the physical characteristics of the place, as does the ancient Egyptian name Inerty ('the two rocks'). On the easternmost of the two hills was a temple dedicated to Hathor which dates back to the Old Kingdom and was rebuilt and expanded in the Middle Kingdom and the Ptolemaic Period. The decoration dates mainly from the Middle Kingdom and the 2nd Intermediate Period. Finds from the Predynastic period suggest that the cemetery at least was already in use then. The cult of Hathor here was linked with that of Hathor from the town Pathyris ('which belongs to Hathor') nearby, and with that of Sobek of Crocodilopolis, which was also not far away. There was also a cult of Anubis here.