Amenhotep II

Amenhotep II.gif

The 7th king of the 18th Dynasty, co-regent and successor of Thutmosis III. His mother was Queen Meritre-Hatshepsut. Amenhotep II was born in Memphis and received a military education. He ruled for more than 25 years, building on the military successes of his father and leading three campaigns to Syria. In the region around Kadesh, Amenhotep is supposed to have killed seven rulers with his own hands, and on his return to have hung their bodies from the walls of Thebes and Napata. This bears witness to the 'he-man' image of this king, who had a distinct preference for being depicted in bellicose situations. However, it is also possible that this was the result of a new royal ideology. It was quiet in Nubia; he installed Wesersatet as the viceroy of Kush. His building activities are mostly visible in the temples and shrines near Thebes and in Nubia. Amenhotep II is buried in tomb KV35 in the Valley of the Kings. Not only Amenhotep's mummy was found in this tomb, but also those of eight other kings, three women and a young boy. These mummies were all brought to Amenhotep's tomb on the orders of the high priest of Thebes, Pinedjem I (21st Dynasty), to protect them from tomb robbers. The decoration in his tomb, although incomplete, includes a complete version of the Amduat.