2nd Dynasty

2nd Dynasty.jpg

At the start of this dynasty, the political and cultural accent was placed more on Lower Egypt. The kings were buried at Saqqara. It was a time of political unrest, with some kings only recognized in Lower Egypt. The rulers at the start of this period were Hotepsekhemui, Nebre, Ninetjer, Unegnebti and Sekhemib. After them came a number of Lower Egyptian 'rebels', whose names are only known from a much later time, and maybe wrongly: Neferkare, Neferkasokar and a king who may have been called Hudjefa. The Upper Egyptian counterpart of these kings was Peribsen, who regarded himself as the representative of Seth of Naqada, and thus also bore a Seth name. He was succeeded by Khasekhemui. This king united the two gods in his Horus-Seth name (replaced by a Horus name in Hierakonpolis, where Horus was worshipped) and was also able to reunite the two lands. From now on Horus was considered to be the protector of Lower Egypt and Seth that of Upper Egypt. Given the emphasis on the dominance of Horus, it is clear that Lower Egypt played the most important role from now on.