Golden Horus

Golden Horus.gif

One of the five names of the king, the third in line if all are mentioned, is preceded by the hieroglyph of the Horus falcon on top of the sign for gold. The Egyptians themselves linked two ideas to this concept. The first is 'Golden Horus', which probably refers to the radiance of the sun god and, indeed, some texts refer explicitly to 'the golden name'. In the other view the sign for gold (in Egyptian nub) is taken to be nubty, 'he from (the town of) Nubet'. This refers to the god Seth. Showing Horus on top of the sign for Seth not only recalls the victory of the former over the latter, but also re-enacts it. The Demotic and Greek texts on the Rosetta Stone, for example, translate the title of Golden Horus as 'he who is over his enemy'.