Nectanebo I

Nectanebo I.gif

The Greek name for King Nekhtnebef (380 - 362 BC), the first ruler of the 30th Dynasty. In 373 the Persian army under Pharnabazos invaded Egypt, but Nectanebo was able to drive the enemy out of the Delta. After that he had very few problems with other countries, and was thus able to carry out a great deal of construction work in Egypt, in a last brief flowering of Egyptian culture. He expanded or decorated almost all of the important temples. In the Delta in particular, such as in Saïs and Mendes, a lot of construction was initiated. In addition, the temple of Amun at Karnak acquired its First Pylon. New buildings were begun all over the country in honour of various sacred animals. Nectanebo was succeeded in 362 by his son Dje(d)hor (Teos in Greek), who later, hard pressed by the future Nectanebo II, defected to the Persian court.